Adelaide Short Play Festival

Adelaide Fringe. The Stage at Fulham Community Centre, 19 Fitch Rd, Fulham. February 22 – 29, 2020

The Fulham Community Centre is an example of an excellent out of town Fringe venue that is clearly focused on seminars, events and classes to support and provide opportunities for the community.

This 90-minute event is the ‘brainchild’ of author Scott Russell Hill, a best-selling author, who has penned a series of scenes that are designed to challenge, inform and support an audience to look at the world openly, differently and with greater acceptance of all including our LGBTQ community.


By Nick Enright and Justin Monjo. Perth Festival. Black Swan and Malthouse Theatre. Directed by Matthew Lutton. His Majesty’s Theatre, Perth, WA. Feb 21 - Mar 15, 2020

Cloudstreet, first produced by Black Swan State Theatre Company (with Company B) in 1998, has become a modern classic, especially in Western Australia, and is performed reasonably often in WA, by schools and community groups. But it is rarely performed in its original 3 hour 45 minute form. This rare experience is a co-production between Black Swan and Malthouse Theatre, as part of the Perth Festival, with the show running close to 5 and a half hours with intervals.

Mesmerise: Night Of Intrigue

Adelaide Fringe Festival 2020. The Library at Ayers House Events Feb 22-March 7 2020

Sleight of hand (also known as prestidigitation or legerdemain) refers to fine motor skills when used by performing artists to entertain. It is closely associated with close-up magic, card magic and flourishing.

Mesmerise: Night of Intrigueis that and more. Set in the austere library of Ayers House, the musty and slightly claustrophobic atmosphere is a perfect setting for magic, being somewhat reminiscent of an Agatha Christie murder mystery.

Impromptunes – The Completely Improvised Musical

Adelaide Fringe. Parasol Lounge, Gluttony. February 14 - March 1, 2020.

There’s an art to improvised theatre, not least of which is the art of listening to your fellow actors to create characters that are interesting and a plot that carries consistent threads through the show to a successful conclusion. Impromptunes, as the name suggests adds a whole other dimension by adding all of the elements of musical theatre.

Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

Adelaide Fringe Festival 2020. Terrace Ballroom at Stamford Plaza Adelaide. Feb 21 to March 15, 2020

Fawlty Towers was named the "greatest ever British TV sitcom" by the Radio Times. Written John Cleese and Connie Booth and broadcast 1975 and 1979, only 12 episodes were made.

AB Facey’s A Fortunate Life

Adapted by Jenny Davis and Stuart Halusz. Theatre 180 and Cinemastage Production. Directed by Stuart Halusz. ACE Cinemas, Great Eastern Hwy Midland, WA. Feb 20 - Mar 4, 2020

This World Premiere adaptation of AB Facey’s A Fortunate Life by Jenny Davis and Stuart Halusz by Theatre 180 and Cinemastage Productions is a new concept - immersive live theatre in a cinema, where a high quality live production is played against a filmed background. 

Beautifully adapted by Jenny Davis and Stuart Halusz, this small cast retelling of A Fortunate Life fittingly makes its debut in Midland, the Perth suburb where author Albert Barnett Facey’s story came to an end. 

Improbable Deductions

Auslusion. Adelaide Fringe. Ayers House Ballroom. 14 February- 14 March, 2020

One is immediately transported to Victorian times when greeted by Mr Stunz and Mr Wonders in the ornate ballroom of Ayers House. There is a vaudevillian feel to the show as these two performers, fitted out aptly in Victorian era suits and beautiful waist coats, hurry us to our seats announcing that there ‘has been and incident’. Some attendees are given small buff coloured envelopes and told not to open these until asked. This sets up an air of mystery and just a twinge of excitement at what is to come.


Written and performed by Elena Mazzon. Directed by Catriona Kerridge. Musical direction by Stefancia Passamonte. La Mama Courthouse. Feb 18 – 23, 2020

Clara is delightful.  Elena Mazzon is beguiling as Clara Schmann nee Wieck who lived from 1819 to 1896.  Mazzon spellbinds her audience in an unassuming yet totally centred manner.  She talks to us as Clara, imbuing her story, with an enchanting sense of wit and irony. 

Leaving the Nest

Written by Tremayne Gordon. Adelaide Fringe. The Griffins Hotel, Adelaide. 21 – 23 February 2020.

Tremayne Gordon is Andrew, a young man with a briefcase, newly moved out of home and into a shared house, making some bad choices about the snooze button, unknown cocktails and the Ancient Greeks.

Promise and Promiscuity

A New Musical by Jane Austen and Penny Ashton. Adelaide Fringe. Masonic - Owl Room at Gluttony - Masonic Lodge North Terrace. 20 Feb - 23 Feb - 1 Mar, 2020

There is a reason why Penny Ashton’s 70 -minute show is an award-winning romp through the rigidity, mores and strictures that society demanded during the 1800’s Regency period.  There are 33 quotes of Austen’s and the music, with aptly penned new lyrics, is ‘borrowed’ from the music of the period (but is much more fun this time). This show is impeccably penned, cleverly weaving in biting modern references with characters who are unashamedly created in the likeness of Jane Austen’s heroes and heroines. They include Mr.

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