Girl from the North Country

Written & directed by Conor McPherson. Music & Lyrics by Bob Dylan. Arrangements & Orchestration Simon Hale. Runaway Entertainment, gwb entertainment, Damien Hewitt, Trafalgar Theatre Productions. Comedy Theatre, Melbourne. May – June 2022

1934.  Duluth, Minnesota, in the depths of The Great Depression.  Young would-be lovers, Kate (Elizabeth Hay) and Gene (James Smith) break up: she’s leaving town.  They argue, regret things they said, get angry, and Gene lies.  Playwright Conor McPherson writes this direction in the text of his musical play:

She turns away.  GENE watches her.  As the music starts and they sing, they could dance and even kiss.  We see what their souls are doing despite everything that’s just been said.

Spectrums of Chocolate Cake

Devised by Monsterrat Heras, Kimberley Parkin, Rhinaa Katz and Elsa Bignell. HERA-S Productions. Directed by Monsterrat Heras. The Blue Room Studio, Perth Cultural Centre, WA. May 3-21, 2022

Spectrums of Chocolate Cake presented by The Blue Room and HERA-S Productions is a modern dance and physical theatre piece, performed by four strong performers in the Blue Room Studio.

A birthday party with friends moves into a subconscious realm, where a chocolate birthday cake becomes the focus of each character’s spectrum of feelings.

Everything Is A Lie

Lauren Edwards. The Butterfly Club, Melbourne. 16 to 21 May, 2022

If you’re longing for something to do in Melbourne this week, fear not, Lauren Edwards is here to save you from post-Comedy Festival withdrawals, as well as your own unrealistic hopes and dreams. In her latest show, Everything Is A Lie, Edwards shares how, after another year of lockdowns, health issues, environmental and political crises, she’s given up, and you probably should too.

We Will Rock You

Music by Queen. Book by Ben Elton. Spotlight Theatrical Company, Gold Coast. Directed by Clay English. 13 May – 11 June, 2022.

Despite the opening being delayed by 20 minutes due to a technical glitch, we all knew within moments of the front tabs opening that Spotlight, and Super-Director Clay English, have a massive hit on their hands with We Will Rock You.

Jersey Boys

Book by Marshall Brickman & Rick Elice. Music by Bob Gaudio. Lyrics by Bob Crewe. Directed by Richard Perdriau. Presented by CLOC Musical Theatre. The National Theatre, 20 Carlisle St, St Kilda Melbourne. May 13 - 28, 2022

CLOC has found real synergy with this musical. The overall look and feel of the show emphasise the historical and social context by highlighting the "Goodfellas (Scorsese 1990)" quality of the story. This gives the production a very clear and distinctive style which is executed with consistency and confidence. 

Wood Wide Web

Barking Spider Visual Theatre, Penelope Bartlau Artistic Director. Set design Jason Lehane, Lighting Georgie Wolfe. Sound Darius Kedros. Arduino design Paul Lim. ArtPlay & City of Melbourne. ArtPlay New Ideas Lab at Birrarung Marr. 12 – 14 May 2022

How do trees grow?  Do trees support each other?  How?  Do trees talk to each other?  This interactive installation for 3- to 5-year-olds sets out to answer those questions in the most accessible – and, to watch the kids, exciting - way.  In other words, science is rendered tangible, a matter of cause and effect, and an experience in which the children themselves are helpers.  It is theatre of the most interactive and ‘immersive’ kind.

The Scarlet Pimpernel

A radio play. Nash Theatre, New Farm, Qld. Directed by Cam Castles. May 14 – June 4, 2022.

This was a trip back to earlier days when radio plays were the in-thing. This radio play was adapted from the play, by Baroness Orczy, which opened in 1903 and was first performed by Lux Radio Theatre in 1938 on radio with Leslie Howard and Olivia de Haviland in the main roles.


By StaKid Productions. Melville Theatre Company, WA. Directed by Craig Griffen. May 12-21, 2022

Firebringer is a contemporary musical theatre company responsible for a number of modern pop-culture inspired musicals, including, most famously, A Very Potter Musical. StarKid have somewhat of a cult following - and this may apply to performers as well - with several performers and the director of the last StarKid production performed in Perth, Marloo’s Twisted, appearing in this production.

Wynter of our Disco Tent

By Jenny Wynter & Angeline Wynter, produced by Funny Mummies. Touring May/June 2022

The song ‘Sisters are doing it for themselves’ could have been written for Jenny and Angie Wynter – two sisters from Toowoomba who are finally living out their dream of pop superstardom in a show they have written – and perform in as ‘themselves’. The girls tell their tale of being taken to Toowoomba to live with their Grandma after a tragic family loss.

Three Tall Women

By Edward Albee. Directed by Siobhan Vincent. Garrick Theatre, Guildford, WA. May 5-21, 2022

Three Tall Women is a well presented, well-acted interpretation of this interestingly constructed play by Edward Albee.

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