Fraudulent Behaviour and 2 Dimensional Life of Her

Fraudulent Behaviour and 2 Dimensional Life of Her
Arts House. The Meat Market. (Vic.) Thursday 12 – Sunday 15 August

Fraudulent Behaviour is a funny and lively, delightfully quirky piece of storytelling. Rosie Dennis, as raconteur, surprises as she charms. Firstly she works through a long list of dishonest claims made by people she knows that, strangely, we all seem to know or have met. Then she dances with invigorating swirling movements.Quaintly Rosie talks to an imaginary friend, and her other companion, a decoy duck, which, seemingly by way of response, bobs slightly in his bowl of water - all the while looking very smart and worldly.
She creates a snow dome and tells the story of a disintegrating romance and a car journey after supposedly being ‘picked up’.
Simon Ferenci plays the trumpet by way of musical repose and Rosie deals with him in a self-consciously awkward manner.
There is a mildly self deprecating approach to her work that she complements with naively ironic perspective that renders her above all a loveable and entertaining klutz with a delightful sense of play.

Contrasting with Rosie’s delicate performance is a more engulfing and disturbing installation of significant physical proportion, 2 Dimensional Life of Her by Fleur Elise Noble, with compelling sound by Jeremy Neidek.
Another space of the Meat Market swathed in butcher’s paper serves as the screen and backdrop for this moody and ambiguous mostly black and white multi-media project.
The audience sits waiting for something to happen observing a black and white projection of a room, from a house built in the Victorian era, that is reminiscent of a lounge room in a share house. On a chair to our left is the projection of a woman in clothing from the 40s perhaps. The movement in this particular projected image almost lulls one into thinking we are watching a flesh and blood actor. Having thus been engaged, we are taken into a strange and fascinating reality peopled by somewhat sinister puppets.
As climax of this installation Noble, aided by Neidek, makes powerful use of projection and sound in a particularly effective and potentially distressing recreation of a fire in full colour.
Both these inspirational works come to us through funded bodies called Performing Lines and Mobile States. As quality examples of innovative contemporary arts practice, they bode well for these organisations and other works they support, promote and tour.
Watch out for innovative productions with very short seasons at Arts House.
Suzanne Sandow

Image - Fraudulent Behaviour

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