Home Invasion

Home Invasion
Written and directed by Christopher Bryant. La Mama Theatre, Carlton. May 27 - June 7, 2015

This hard hitting play examines the ways in which our homes are invaded not just by violent intruders, but also by cultural products that make us cringe because of their cruel ability to damage our self esteem. It is no wonder that this play is populated by mental health professionals and consumers who are in dire need of such services.

As the narrative layers unfold, a chilling tale emerges about a sickening obsession with fame, resulting in pathologies such as stalking and self harm. Bryant is unapologetic about his unabashed attack on an ever increasing tendency to worship and emulate celebrities; a phenomenon which preys on the vulnerable. The sophistication and wit of the language is delivered in an array of revealing monologues or vignettes that depict behind-the-scenes conversations or intimate exchanges between characters.

The portrayal of individuals, who are sometimes descending into disturbing levels of crassness, provide challenging roles and all the performers address this with a combination of emotional intensity and impressive verbal and vocal bravado. The images that they conjure are often confronting and not always tempered with a healthy dose of black humour. The staging relies heavily on the power of the text but the continual revisiting of the different scenarios allows for interesting reversals of power dynamics and contrasting or thought provoking perspectives.

Patricia Di Risio 

Photographer: Sarah Walker

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