Hott Property

Hott Property
Adelaide Fringe Festival. Matt Byrne Media. Maxim's Wine Bar. February 14th - March 17th, 2018

You would be hard pressed to find a harder-working man in Adelaide Theatre than writer and director Matt Byrne. Celebrating his 21st year at Maxim’s Wine Bar and his 15th self-penned show for the Fringe, he does not disappoint with his latest comedy.

Byrne is joined on the dance floor by a talented ensemble. Theresa Dolman, Amber Platten and Brad Butvilla bring to life various characters, as they poke fun at the world of Real Estate. The adage ‘less is more’ does not apply to this show; it is packed with musical numbers, skits, jokes, feather boas, sexual innuendo, audience participation and the odd political statement.

The intimate setting means that the audience is very much a part of the show. Actors ad-lib with ease and patrons fuelled by a glass or two are more than happy to play along.

Highlights are in some of the characterisations; Byrne’s nerdy bank manager is a hoot, as is Butvilla’s turn as a religious property buyer. The ensemble is full of enthusiasm as they show us the dark side of the property game and all are given their moment to shine.

This is not Shakespeare, nor does it pretend to be. Byrne does what Aussies do best by ‘taking the piss’ out of an industry which does not favour the Aussie battler. Some jokes are better than others, but there is no time to ponder the vagaries because this show moves at a rollicking pace.

Easy parking and a great setting means there is no excuse not to support this home-grown theatre gem.

Kerry Cooper

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