Ivy + Bean The Musical

Ivy + Bean The Musical
Based on books by Annie Barrows, with book, music and lyrics by Scott Elmegreen. The Gemini Collective / Adelaide Fringe. Bakehouse Theatre. February 16 to March 3, 2018.

Ivy + Bean was the perfect afternoon show to attend with my five-year-old granddaughter. The play is adapted from the books by Annie Barrows, which follow the imaginative lives of two seven-year-old girls who live in Pancake Cort.

The set, like the props the girls use to create their worlds is made from bits and pieces that can be found lying around our homes and serves its purpose beautifully.

The characters are delightfully portrayed by Millicent as Ivy, Briony as Bean and Jemma as the wicked older sister Nancy (please note that no surnames were provided in the program).

Ivy and Bean, who have been resisting their parents’ suggestions that they would get on with each other, are suddenly united when Ivy helps Bean escape from Nancy. Ivy turns out to be a witch in training and Bean realises that the girl she thought was nice but boring is actually nice and awesome!

Three other youngsters from Pancake Cort support the three main characters and Thomas and Nadine also play Bean’s long-suffering parents.

The ensemble work, which includes some great upbeat song and dance routines, is excellent.

The cast were obviously enjoying exploring their inner seven-year-old selves and doing so in a way that drew in the children in the audience and the adults. The youngsters got caught up in the adventures and the adults enjoyed not only the memory of making up imaginary worlds in which anything can happen, but also the total engagement of their youthful companions.

Catch this show while you can – it’s a delight.

Sally Putnam

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