Do I Look Like I Care?

By Daisy Coyle. Directed by Elise Wilson. FringeWorld. Rehearsal Room One, State Theatre Centre of WA, Perth WA. January 15-19, 2020

Do I Look Like I Care? is an offbeat medical comedy presented by bear hands co for State of Play at Fringe World. Set in 1982, immigrant nurse Florence tries to find her place in a Perth hospital.

Fast paced and vibrant, this is almost a series of vignettes as we follow Florence (known as Flo) through her first two years in Perth, through a series of odd experiences, several hospital wards and her home in nurses’ accommodation as we meet a collection of strange patients and staff.

William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (Abridged)

By Austin Tichenor and Reed Martin. Genesian Theatre, 420 Kent St, Sydney. Jan 16 – Feb 13, 2021

“With bated breath …” (The Merchant of Venice Act 1, Scene 3) is how someone who’d seen some good productions of the Reduced Shakespeare Company’s Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged) by Adam Long, Daniel Singer and Jess Winfield might anticipate another parody/merger of the works of the Bard emanating from that company.

Dr Ahmed Gets Hitched - A Wedding Extravaganza

Written and directed by Ahmed Kazmi. FringeWorld. Studio Underground, State Theatre Centre of Western Australia, Perth WA. Jan 15-24, 2021

Dr Ahmed Kazmi has been a Fringe favourite for a few years, with sell-out cabaret shows telling about his experiences as a doctor, both in Australia and the UK. This show, just as dazzling, funny and insightful as its predecessors, has a change in focus as Dr Ahmed shares his experience of his own Greek - Pakistani - interfaith - interfaith - interracial - same sex wedding.


By Daisy Productions. FringeWorld. Home Economics or The Library, The Girls School, WA. Jan 15-25,

Mismatched is a rather stunning musical cabaret that looks at mismatched couples and the songs that they may sing together. Expertly performed by Penny Shaw and Robert Hoffman, with musical direction and accompaniment by Tommaso Pollio - this is a show that despite its relative simplicity, feels like it belongs more in a concert hall than in a small venue at the Girls School - so you feel like you a privy to an extra special treat.

Maureen: Harbinger of Death

Written and performed by Jonny Hawkins. Co-conceived and directed by Nell Ranney. Seymour Centre, Sydney. 15- 21 January, 2021

When Jonny Hawkins enters the stage and explains that older women are his heroes and this show is a homage to them, he takes a risk, setting himself up to possibly fail by causing offence or simply not doing them justice. But thanks to thoughtful characterisation and a huge amount of sensitivity and care, this one-woman show proves touching - and compelling throughout.

Lucky Cat

Written and directed by Yvan Karlsson. FringeWorld. The Studio, Subiaco Arts Centre, WA. Jan 15-19, 2021

Lucky Cat is a sweet and joyous piece of family theatre, presented by Monkey Brain for Subilicious and Fringe World

Alex is the unluckiest child in the world, and everything seems to go wrong for her - her parents have split, her teacher never picks her and she doesn’t win colouring competitions - until she meets Tet - the luckiest cat in the world. Together they embark on an epic adventure to find Fate and get back Alex’s luck.

It’s Not Me, It’s Definitely You: The Songs of Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen

By Lisa Woodbrook. FringeWorld. The Hat Trick, Woodside Pleasure Gardens, Northbridge WA. Jan 15-25, 2021

It’s Not Me, It’s Definitely You: The Songs of Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen is a returning FringeWorld favourite which looks at the dilemmas of modern relationships.

Written and performed by Lisa Woodbrook, this is a beautiful blend of song and very natural and funny stand-up comedy. Lisa, who is lovely to listen to, can really hold the crowd and her interactions between songs are funnier and more surprising than you would normally expect to hear in cabaret.

Everything’s Kinda Stupid

Written and directed by Courtney Withers and Izzy Stonehouse. FringeWorld. Home Economics at The Girls School, East Perth, WA. Jan 15-24, 2021

Everything’s Kinda Stupid marks the debut of the delightfully named "every other theatre company”, whose vibrant and pacy little production bursts with wonderful ideas, enthusiasm with some impressive performers and clever writing.


By Mitch Jones. Sydney Festival. Carriageworks. January 13 – 17, 2021

He might be the planet’s last survivor but Mitch Jones stirs up pathos and laughter, even as he finally eats himself.

In his dystopian space of rubbish furniture, plastic bags and skewered lighting, he first blends into a smoothie all his available bits – dandruff, hairs, piss, sweat – but with the theatrical aplomb of a TV chef.

Perhaps he’s a former newsreader. In his shredded suit, he looks like those others flashing up on the old TVs amongst the scaffolding, with news of meteoric temperatures and new laws allowing the sale of body-parts.

Les Misérables

By Claude-Michel Schönberg (music) and Alain Boubil (lyrics), based on the book by Victor Hugo. Adelaide Youth Theatre (AYT). Influencers’ Church, Paradise, SA. Jan 14 – 16, 2021

Les Misérables is one of the iconic musicals of our times. Premiering in English in 1985, it has been presented to great acclaim all over the world and is a benchmark for amateur and professional musical theatre companies alike.

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