Master Class

Master Class
By Terrence McNally. Directed by Adam Spreadbury-Maher. Subiaco Theatre Centre, WA. Nov 18 - Dec 2, 2017

In Terrence McNally’s Master Class, the audience have to opportunity to attend a master class with opera superstar Maria Callas. Do not be concerned about the fact that Miss Callas passed away in 1977; the amazing Amanda Muggleton has embodied her with passion and intensity.

The audience becomes the class and Maria teaches with a fury and self-belief that can only come from a true Diva. Amanda Muggleton’s performance is outstanding, and deserved the standing ovation on Opening Night.

Strong support comes from accompanist Dobbs Franks, as pianist Manny Weinstock, and the excellent performances from the ‘student opera singers’, Jessica Boyd as soprano Sharon Graham, Kala Gare as soprano Sophie De Palma and Rocco Speranza as tenor Anthony Candolino. This is however, very much a star vehicle and Ms Muggleton does not disappoint.

The set is simple, with well chosen projections on the rear walls. Adrienne Chisolm’s costuming is lovely, with a wonderful understanding of character. 
Master Class is a wonderfully immersive theatrical experience, that is in many ways a love letter to a highly flawed, immensely talented woman. Highly recommended for singers, opera lovers and fans of good theatre.

Kimberley Shaw

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