A Midnight Visit

A Midnight Visit
Fringe World (WA). The Old Girls School, East Perth. 22 Jan - 3 Mar 2019

A Midnight Visit is a site-specific interactive theatre piece, beautifully immersed into the Old Girls School. A unique theatrical experience, it combines the life of Edgar Allen Poe with a haunted girls school, in a choose your own adventure piece of theatre.

As you wander through three levels of the building, you will discover various elements of the story, meet a variety of characters - all beautifully acted, and visit a variety of locales, as you “journey to the edge of madness”.

Separated from my companion, we later discovered that there were things that each other missed seeing, so your journey of discovery will be unique.

A Midnight Visit is one of the most beautifully presented shows that I have seen, with an untold amount of props and sets - all beautifully realised - as you see them up very close. Also, if you get a chance, check out the attention to detail in costumes, which is absolutely outstanding.

Perth’s answer to New York City’s famous Sleep No More, A Midnight Visit is intriguing, gothic and mysterious. While it is occasionally unnerving or gruesome, it does not employ shock tactics and is not frightening. You do need to be reasonably fit, and able to cope with stairs, and there are places where you might need to climb or bend (although there are usually alternate pathways).

If you enjoyed Choose Your Own Adventure books as a child, if you love to explore, if you like your theatre close and personal or are looking for entertainment that is completely different, I recommend A Midnight Visit.

Kimberley Shaw

Image: Hannah Raven as Ligeia. Photographer: Tim Da-Rin.

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