A Migrant’s Son

A Migrant’s Son
By Michaela Burger. The Butterfly Club, Melbourne. May 28 – June 2, 2018

A Migrant’s Son is a fascinating exploration of a diasporic journey by the multi-talented Micheala Burger, who has written and performed her new cabaret show with genuine spirit and heartwarming vivaciousness.

The journey centres around Burger’s extended family, stemming back to her great–grandfather, when in 1936 a twelve year old Greek girl (her grandmother) sees her father for the first time after a ten year hiatus following her arrival in Australia.

Burger captures the true spirit of the migrant experience via story, caricature and song. A  colorful parade of recurring characters ranging from her parents, grandparents, relatives to bona fide Aussies all cross over and meld together to create an insightful and fascinating tale of survival, endurance and a burning ambition to succeed.

She is as earthy as her childhood days in Coober Pedy, where her father learnt the hard way, digging opals and dreaming about making millions, harking back to his own childhood when he worked long hours in his father’s Adelaide bakery.  A Migrant’s Son is a far-reaching generational story that crosses divides, ignites memories and pulls at your heart-strings with humble stories of love and family.

Burger belts out her enchanting and melodic tunes with fond passion and love. Her voice can stir your most deepest and darkest emotions whilst enchanting your aural sensibilities. Yet there are a lot of songs on her list and the show exceeds the cabaret hour. The second half of the show could do with a story and song edit. The accompanying pianist works well with Burger’s flirtatious performance hiccups and we must  take into consideration this was a preview show.  

Burger is an award wining cabaret performer for her show Exposing Edith.  This new production reveals her genuine expertise to dig deep into her soul and find truth and meaning from her own experiences.

This is a fun and entertaining show. Go see it!

Flora Georgiou

Photographer: Claudio Raschella.

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