FringeWorld. Directed by Nicole Stinton. De Parel Spiegeltent, The Pleasure Gardens, Russell Square, Northbridge, WA. 18-26 January 2019

The actor’s dilemma is that there are always roles in which you will never be cast - you are the wrong gender, too old, too short, too blonde or just wrong. In this short and sweet production, which has already (deservedly) picked up a FringeWorld award, local performer Dixie Johnstone, and Melbourne’s Vincent Hooper, join forces to perform roles in which they would never be cast.

Opening with a touch of Matilda, which showcases Vincent's gorgeous falsetto and in which Dixie shines, we learn of their childhood dreams and the roles they wanted to play. The audience are carried with joy, through a variety of very miscast roles that are performed so well that you wonder whether they really are a miscast at all.

Highlights include Vincent Hooper’s gorgeously prim Mary Poppins and a bravura Barbara Streisand, while Dixie Johnstone makes a fabulous Danny Zuko and improvises with the best. The pair share the stage with puppets Little Dixie and Mini Vinnie, who are delightfully operated and very funny. The very talented Mason Vellios provides accompaniment with vocals, keyboard and drums.

Featuring two excellent singer/entertainers who thrive on each others’s talents, MissCast is a delight to watch. A must see for any actors who have been frustrated by casting restrictions, for lovers of great songs and for those who want an easy hour’s entertainment.

Kimberley Shaw

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