A Murder Is Announced

A Murder Is Announced
By Agatha Christie, adapted by Leslie Durbon. New Farm Nash Theatre, Qld. Directed by Sharon White. Nov 10 – Dec 2, 2023.

The action takes place in the village of Chipping Cleghorn in Miss Blacklock’s house, Little Paddocks, which seems innocent of any dangers until an article appears in the local paper to say a murder was to take place that Friday 13th at 6.30pm at her house.

Is it real?

Who is to be murdered?

Everyone in the house - and that was a weird mixture in many ways – became concerned, along with friends who arrive before the fatal time. One of Agatha Christie’s best known detectives, Miss Marple, becomes involved in the murder and mayhem that follows the 6.30pm murder deadline. The audience was led along many paths to so many suspects but, of course, there was only one guilty person.

When you come to see this production, the best of British luck in solving the crimes before you.

Sharon White, the director, has become an expert in Christie playsm as she has directed several before this one. With a cast of eleven, she has kept the movement and flow very good with this well balanced cast. To some extent that was the only fault, as so many of the characters were too much the same in pace and delivery. More variations in both pace and general delivery would add life and tension to the play.

Caitlin Cleary was outstanding as the European maid, in a consistent, over the top performance. Congratulations. Ellie Bickerdike as Dora Bunner and Brad Oliver as Inspector Craddock both stood out with their ability to maintain their characters to the audience’s delight. All actors performed well, which made this production work so well. Just a bit more oomph would be helpful. When are Nash doing their next Christie play?  

William Davies

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