Oracle – A Mythical Journey Through the Stars

Oracle – A Mythical Journey Through the Stars
Bass Fam Creative. Playhouse, Arts Centre Melbourne, Jan 5 – 8, 2022; Gluttony: Adelaide Fringe, Feb 18 - Mar 20.

Tempestuous Melbourne weather and rising Covid cases - what better way to escape than into a mythological world, set in the constellations? From the creative team behind Matador and Mansion, comes the new show Oracle - a superb blend of circus, burlesque, eclectic dance, and contemporary storytelling.

This is one for gods and goddesses alike across the planetary sky, through the oceans, embarking on a national tour with the world premiere launched on the fifth of January in Melbourne at the Playhouse, Arts Centre followed by Brisbane and Adelaide.

Across the ages, bearing the mythological ancients from Egypt to Greece, the sacred Oracle voiceover/narrator (Jazmin Varlet) - the Norse like warrior-maiden prophet-beauty has been robbed of sight but blessed with vision. The contradiction might be evident, but the power of the gods will remain unquestioned.

The phantasmagorical Oracle utilises the twelve zodiac myths, with sophisticated prowess; the diverse and talented cast of eighteen performers provide a flawless musical/choreographed show. We begin in ancient Egypt; scales used by Aubis, the God of the dead - Libra (Keeva Svikart) moves to the front of the stage, performs her burlesque belly dancing routine with svelte and sensual perfection: she is the symbol of final judgement.

In Gemini the tale is of two brothers: the fathoms of Castor (mortal) and Pollux (immortal) (Reed Kelly and Jack Dawson) provide dynamic and risqué dual aerial acrobatics: they are inseparable. Zeus will turn Castor immortal so as they can live together forever.

The beautiful Oracle always looming around in the background and foreground while overseeing her horoscope signs of prediction strutting performative perfection. Zodiac Leo, Hercules (Bettie Bombshell) is scintillating in her raunchy fire eating act; she the great warrior, upon freeing the maiden, skins the lion to create an impenetrable armour. Crios the Crab (Soliana Ersie) in Cancer has the audience spellbound with a fabulous hypnotic contortion act; she is a tale of bravery and sacrifice.

These are only morsels of a cornucopia of Oracle delights. Directed by Bass G Fam, a diverse and talented team on stage and behind the scenes bring to the forefront a bunch of elite and novelty acts, individually choreographed to a classic sound mix (Soundmoda) fused with popular songs and ballads. The stunning costumes are individually designed and fabulous set design by the Bass Fam creatives.

Oracle is a magnificent and lascivious exploration of myths, zodiacs and multidisciplinary performance. Yet another extraordinary show that is not to be missed.

Flora Georgiou

Photographer: Ben Vella.

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