Possession Fear Never Sleeps

Possession Fear Never Sleeps
Concept by Ryan S. McNally. Halcyon Playhouse. Creative Consultants - Chantal Wilson and Pat McMahon. Roxy Lane Theatre, Maylands WA. Dec 6-14, 2019

Relatively new theatre company Halcyon Playhouse already has established itself as a company that specialises in the horror genre. This immersive horror experience is presented as part of their “ImmerSION” series and places the audience as flies on the wall of a group therapy session for sufferers of sleep paralysis.

The patients, a diverse group played by Paul Reed, Bernadette Ward, Nikita Harwood, Ryan S. McNally and Devetta Ridgwell, are supposed to meet their regular doctor, but apparently he has been suddenly called away and a mysterious replacement, played by Zack Inglis, will take his place. The room in which they are meeting is decrepit and unnerving, and as they describe the horrors of their condition, they, and the audience become immersed in a nightmarish situation.

The highly conversational and very natural delivery adds to the realistic feeling, and special effects and the very intimate performance style increase the tension, making this a rather unnerving theatrical experience. Lots of surprises and twists which I am loathe to reveal in case this production has further life.

For those familiar with the Roxy Theatre, Halcyon have flipped the performance space, with the action happening in what is conventionally the foyer. Effectively under-lit by Ryan S. McNally, Zack Inglis’ organic sound design is integral to building tension.

A different and well created theatrical experience, this a great choice for those who love to be scared.

Kimberley Shaw

Photography by Chantal Wilson of Darkest Raven Designs

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