By Iskander R. Sharazuddin. Fringe World. The Blue Room Theatre, Main Space, James St, Perth. Jan 24-Feb 1, 2020

A post mortem is an analysis or discussion of an event - especially to determine why it is a failure.

Post-Mortem is a beautiful blend of physical theatre, dance and strong, well-written dialogue, which explores the relationship of young couple Nancy and Alex. This tight, beautifully choreographed and smoothly executed two-hander packs an emotional punch.

Nancy is played with passion and strength by Essie Barrow, who gives her character depth and a notable change in style and demeanour as the character matures over the years. Writer Iskander R. Sharazuddin plays Alex - obviously written for himself - in some perfect casting, a wonderfully layered character with flaws and great strengths.

Dance is used as a metaphor for exploding emotions in this non-linear story of a failed relationship - and is highly effective at conveying what is happening between the couple. The choreography is tight and smooth and often performed in silence, which is a particularly strong choice.

Post-Mortem is a stunning piece that deserves success. A great choice for lovers of physical theatre, it can also be seen at the Adelaide Fringe.

Kimberley Shaw

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