Price Check! The Musical

Price Check!  The Musical
By Sean Weatherly and Cerise de Gelder. Loaded Productions, Bakehouse Theatre. 6-16th July, 2016

Consumerism turned into cabaret-what an innovative concept. Co-written by Sean Weatherly and Cerise de Gelder, Price Check! The Musical has been in the workshop phase for 10 years.

Warmly received by its Adelaide audience, this musical taps into the lives of four employees at a local supermarket and one annoying regular patron.

Capturing the routine of daily existence, it exposes lost dreams, heartbreak, loneliness and ultimately the power of friendship. This quirky tale is hilarious in its familiarity. A musical set in a supermarket seems a tad absurd, but surprisingly, it works because of well thought out characters representing people we have all encountered in our daily lives.

Rory Walker plays the store manager Mr Butler with authority, his highly-strung portrayal capturing the frustration of a man who always had bigger dreams for himself. Catherine Campbell is well cast in her delightful turn as head checkout chick Narelle; lonely and looking for love.

Wearing many caps for this production, Sean Weatherly plays well-educated David. Having worked hard for three years after realising his Arts degree was not going to pay the bills, he is looking for a promotion and a much needed pay rise.

Fahad Farooque’s comic timing is spot on and hilarious as he embodies Zayeeb, especially the character’s bizarre love for fruit and vegetables.

Rounding out the cast as Mrs Zimmerman is the incredibly talented Jacqy Phillips.

With support from an all dancing chorus and Peter Johns on piano, this musical is light-hearted and witty, but lacks the pizazz of many modern day productions. Singing was of a high standard with lovely attention to harmonies. I could see this show being picked up by secondary schools across the country.

Kerry Cooper

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