Reception the Musical

Reception the Musical
Performer: Bethany Simons. Accompanist: Peter de Jager. Choreographer: Joseph Simons. The Butterfly Club, Melbourne. 17 – 22 September, 2014

Reception the Musical sounded like it could be fun, and it was! Based on Bethany’s own experience as a receptionist, this was obviously a job she enjoyed and this came across.

It was quite a tour de force to sustain the character for a full hour and Bethany managed that with ease and never wore out her welcome. Sometime she would take on the persona of the person she was speaking to, either directly or on the phone, and she displayed a superb talent for mimicry.

Each vignette displayed another side of the receptionist’s life that could happen in any office, but it was Bethany’s take on this which made it so amusing. There was some appropriate choreography and clever use of words, ie. stationary and stationery.

Peter de Jager, the composer, was on the piano and had the music all in his head. His playing was very good and occasionally he was dragged into the action on stage. The music covered a number of music theatre styles with some of the later numbers having a more edgy sound and odd rhythm. But they all were appropriate to the song.

Bethany has a pleasant voice and a good rapport with Peter, and no words were lost in the acoustic venue.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable evening at the Butterfly Club.

Graham Ford

The standard Dictionary explanation of Reception is an office or area where visitors are welcomed.   Well the musical Reception the Musical, playing at the Butterfly Clubis so much more than this.  Certainly it welcomes the audience into the world of the receptionist and it does this in a wonderfully entertaining manner.

The musical consists of two players, Peter de Jager, the pianist and Bethany Simons, the actor/comedian. This is a flawless duet of music and acting which is comedic, energetic and highly entertaining.   The energy level is maintained throughout the performance, so much so that one feels that there is still a pool of energy left at the finish.   Both script and music are compatible and the comedy is constant and appealing.

I would highly recommend this delightful, entertaining musical.

Gay Miller

Image: Bethany Simons in Reception The Musical. Photo Credit Sarah Eley 

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