The Collector, the Archivist and the Electrocrat. Devised and Performed by Christine Johnston, Lisa ONeill, Peter Nelson, Animation - Ahmarnya Price, Video Production – Jen Jackson, Costume Design and Construction – Selene Cochrane, Lighting Design – David Walters, Production Stage Manager – Leila Maruan. Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall (Vic). 5 – 8 September, 2012.

Put simply, RRAMP is a beautifully produced quirky, eccentric collection of animated (Ahmarnya Price) love stories, mostly about chooks, seamlessly presented by the extraordinary Collector (Christine Johnston) with the assistance of her tenants the dancing Archivist (Lisa O’Neil) and musician Electrocrat (Peter Nelson). 

This sophisticatedly costumed (Selene Cochrane), formidably talented ensemble entrance as they bemuse with song, dance and story.  The disturbing issues of hording that are at the core of RRAMP, though only really touched upon, provoke thought and leave a residue of intrigue.  In searching for meaning with regard to this motif there is, amongst other things, a suggestion that hoarding has vicariousness at its heart.

Many will recognize Christine Johnston as the easily lead and rather fragile.Kransky Sister, Eve.  In RRAMP her ‘over the top’ character, reminiscent of Morticia from the Addams Family, of The Collector allows her to explore and thoroughly entertain with a bemusing and controlling spinster of a different - darker creepy nature.

Musically the work is very satisfying and the lovely, cleverly integrated dancing by Lisa O’Neil is delightful. 

We are so lucky that currently this type of vital and inspiring alternative work is being developed, supported and brought to us by our arts bodies.  And for our part - we should endeavor not to miss it!

Suzanne Sandow

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