A Scandal in the Weimar

A Scandal in the Weimar
By Jennifer Piper and Claire Bowen. wit incorporated (Victoria). Bluestone Church Arts Space. Director: Belinda Campbell. August 25 - September 9, 2017 as part of the Due West Festival

‘Family isn’t just people,’ says Ebony McGuire as Irene Adler, ‘it’s place.’

A Scandal in the Weimarfinds its origins in the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes story, A Scandal in Bohemia.

This wit incorporated version flips gender roles and addresses issues of place.

Performed as part of the Due West Festival, which showcases local works across a variety of art forms, that issue of place is central: from AuntyDiKerr’s welcome to country to the twist in the tale to the offer of free tickets to locals for the preview performance.

As place is such an integral part of both the story and message, it’s pleasing to note the stand out sets.

On stage, we see a detailed recreation of Sherlock Holmes’s famous residence, 221B Baker St. Off stage, the audience sit in a Berlin underground cabaret, which becomes a set.

The reverent script gives the female actors a chance to play male characters.

Here, those gender changes are important. In contrast, in Essential Theatre’s Julius Caesar women played the male roles without reference to gender.

Once you wrap your head around the twist — it’s not foreshadowed so don't expect to guess — you’ll ask yourself these questions. Where do I come from? What does 'my place' mean?

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