Scary Goats Tour

Scary Goats Tour
By Chloe Towan and Nathan Fernanadez. Melbourne Comedy Festival. The Butterfly Club, Melbourne. Mar 22 – Apr 4, 2021

After last year’s horrendous COVID lockdown, the Melbourne Comedy Festival is finally back on. Kicking off the season at the Butterfly Club is Scary Goats Tour, billed as a new Horror Comedy play written by Chloe Towan and Nathan Fernanadez.

Goats and spooky things are a match made in heaven, or should l say hell. When Mel, the famous sceptic and ghost debunker, accidentally books a goat tour for her new YouTube channel, she musters up her supernatural knowledge to free her sidekick videographer from the evil goat ghost.

The three actors - Jess Ciancio, Dax Carney and Dominik Shields - are engaging, and funny in this rather absurd supernatural comedy caper. Nathan Fernandez, who has also directed the show has cast a well-balanced team of three who work well together.

The writing is clever and witty, including celebrity goat naming jibes such as Selena Goatmez and Nicole Kidman. You will be provided with a bunch of information about goats and to top it off there is an hilarious comic routine which sees the three actors really ham up the goat ghost horror.

Flora Georgiou

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