Scientology the Musical

Scientology the Musical
George Glass Comedy. Gluttony/The Speakeasy. Adelaide Fringe Festival 2018. Feb 16-March 4, 2018

I could not think of a religion more deserving of satire than ‘Scientology’…no offense.

L. Ron Hubbard started his new faith in 1954 after having a mildly successful career as a science-fiction writer. This is our first clue to the absurdity to follow.

Comedy group ‘George Glass’ have produced a show that pokes fun at religion in general… and it is hilarious!

Looking like they have just been deployed from a naval ship, each character displays their loyalty to their chosen religion, giving us a brief history of Scientology through skits and song. A large portrait of the founder sits upstage, reminding us of his imposing presence.

Alister McMichael breathes life into Susan Munt, a woman saving herself for when Mr. Hubbard is resurrected. Nicholas Conway plays Cookie McMann with a dim-witted charm. Daniel Murnane is Steve “O” Oughe, a mysterious chap who has advanced through the ranks and has a penchant for animals, and Braden Hamilton, looking like another well-known prophet, narrates a large portion of the show.

Director Lisa Harper Campbell is to be applauded for attempting to contain these 5 musicians from Adelaide; her unrestrictive direction highlights the personalities of the performers.

If you feel there is something missing in your life, then perhaps this is the show for you. Unlike some religions, it will only set you back a small fee.

This is a loud and enlightening hour that pokes fun at the farcical elements of Scientology. You will have a blast!

Kerrie Cooper

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