By Stacey Gregg. Prime Cut Productions. Adelaide Fringe. Holden Street Theatres. 14th Feb – 19th March, 2017

This is the story of first love as seen through the eyes of a gender curious teen, raising modern conundrums around sexuality.

The play starts with some techno music and nothing on the bare stage, but we are very quickly drawn into the life of 8 year old Kez. The audience is taken on a well-developed journey through the teenage years and how much easier life is in the anonymous online world “on there it is more real than real life”.  Stacey Gregg has written a compelling play which focuses on the complexities of teenagers and modern gender identity. Director Emma Jordan has interwoven the action and dialogue seamlessly, creating a wonderful piece of theatre. The in-the-round seating arrangement enhances the action and dialogue, especially when breaking the fourth wall.

Amy McAllister is mesmerising and had this reviewer in the palm of her hand from lights up. She demonstrated the awkwardness of the story, and being a teenager, with her physicality and expressions. McAllister shows a range of emotions and knows how to draw her audience in and keep them. Her performance and timing is perfect, and combined with the seamless tech, this production will leave you wanting more.

If you see nothing else this fringe make sure you see this.

Maxine Grubel

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