A Simple Space

A Simple Space
Adelaide Fringe Festival 2020. The Octagon at Gluttony Adelaide Feb 22 to March 15 2020

A Simple Space pares circus right back to the basics - no flashy costumes, makeup, trapezes or clowns, just men and women in sports wear, t-shirts and a bare stage. The best bit is that they do it brilliantly!

Gravity & Other Myths is an internationally renowned circus company that has toured in over 30 countries. Adelaide based, they formed in 2009 and focus on circus skills and ensemble playing.

In presenting A Simple Space, they bring jaw dropping acrobatics up close and personal - the sweat, the panting, the vocal signals to each other and of course, the camaraderie. It is clear that these performers really enjoy their work and are justifiably proud of what they do

They start with a routine called ‘falling’ which involves any performer calling out ‘falling’ and another performer needing to be there instantly to catch them - a great warm up to get the audience on their side.

The hour long show races by, packed with acts where the performers push themselves to the limit and create many tense moments. We are sure something is going to go wrong and if it does (rarely), the act is restarted with the performers showing their honesty and sense of humour.

The stunts are endless – one performer does the splits on high, balancing on the heads of two fellow performers, themselves balanced on the shoulders of two more, Rubik’s Cube solving while doing a headstand. There’s also the musician who as well as providing an electronic score gives us a solo bare-chested featuring fast rhythms with clicks, claps and chest-slaps.

A Simple Space is also fun of good-natured competition. There’s a skipping competition to see who has to take off an article of clothing, and the audience’s favourite featuring the entire cast doing headstands and challenging the audience to knock them over by throwing plastic balls at them.

The female performers’ specialisations are acts with metal hand stands and posing perilously near the top of the tent supported by the guys.

The highlight comes at the end, though, when the two female performers are tossed about like playthings by the other cast. I have never heard so many gasps from an audience in my life, truly unbelievable.

This is what circus should be and from a local company that needs your support. A Simple Space is highly recommended!

Barry Hill

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