Skin Deep

Skin Deep
Directed by Tyler Jacob Jones. The Hellenic Club, Fringe World, Northbridge, WA. Feb 13 - 21, 2015

Skin Deep is a clever, funny and disarming look at the beauty industry. One of the hits of last year's Fringe World, it returns this year in a "new and improved formula."

Written by cast member Cynthia Fenton, with director Tyler Jacob Jones, the show is both an examination of those who work in the beauty industry and a celebration of those who use it. It looks at beauty trends past and present and uses songs and humour.

Cast members Cynthia Fenton and Grace Edwards are joined for this season by Erin Hutchinson, replacing Lindsay McNab, for whom the role was written. The trio work superbly together and one would never have guessed that this was Erin Hutchinson's first performance as the three share lovely nuances and a beautiful wry humour. They harmonise seamlessly and have an outstanding esprit de corps. Musical director Timothy How adds his own humour, accompanies the ladies beautifully an on occasion adds his own voice.

Skin Deep would make a wonderful 'girls night out' although the men in the audience also enjoyed the show. A beautifully produced, well-written show that will tickle the funny bone.

Kimberley Shaw

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