Spiritual Gangster

Spiritual  Gangster
The Butterfly Club. Nov 28 – Dec 1, 2018.

 A wild, energetic, extroverted ball of fire, Spiritual Gangster (Joana Simmons) is a wacky new comedy show that is a mixed blend of in-your-face social commentary, dance, yoga, song and some wacky combustible mantra.

There is a helluva lot going on - she bears a striking resemblance to a harlequin street perfomer - l was literally waiting for her to pass the hat and ask for spare change.  She is a souped-up can of beans, punching out her material with kicks, side steps and upside acrobatic salutes to the sun.

Simmons is a sugar coated treat with madcap antics at the hem of her performance; she makes you laugh and cringe at the same time.

She relishes in pop cultural referencing while clouding herself in a haze of spiritual solar plexus. She moves from social media to eco friendly eating habits and raps like she’s from some ghetto in New York City, while equally at ease with her guitar and snipey little ditties about some nasty cultural manifestation such as the yuppie.

She strips back her good Catholic upbringing while having a personal onstage relationship with her ‘maker’. Her previous shows carry similar themes and combustion such as Confessions of an Aerobics Instructor, Banana Jolie, Australia’s Got Talent Finalist. She reflects a cathartic and self energized quest to  break her own inner-self rules within and around the performance space. A fun show!

Flora Georgiou

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