Swamp Juice

Swamp Juice
Bunk Puppets. Adelaide Fringe. Empire Theatre at The Royal Croquet Club. Mar 3 - 18, 2018

Swamp Juice is the story of a man who goes for a walk in a swamp and meets two snails, a bird and a snake. It is told using shadow puppets made from bits and pieces you might find in your recycling bin and toy box.

The magic lies in the fact that the audience sees the ordinary transformed into the extraordinary and can see how it is done. The light that produces the shadows, along with the stand that holds some of the props is as visible as the performance on the screen.

I really enjoyed being able to see the skills of the puppeteer and these imaginative transformations happening in front of me.

From the very start of the show, James Pratt the puppeteer involved the audience in the story. The giggle of delight from my three-year-old companion told me that this was a show I was going to enjoy. There really isn’t anything better than the laughter of young children and it is totally infectious.

The story builds steadily, until the audience takes part in creating a section of the adventure by creating their own shadows.

Swamp Juice finishes on a high, with everyone putting on red and blue glasses to experience an awesome 3D shadow puppet finale.

Don’t miss out!

Sally Putnam

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