Creator/Storyteller - Davey Seagle. Produced by Ponydog Productions. Melbourne Fringe Festival. Bard’s Apothecary – Crossley Street. 7 – 15 October, 2022.

For the ten unique performances of Tattletales, Ponydog Productions have chosen an excellent venue in The Bard’s Apothecary in Crossley Street of the top end of Bourke Street. This great friendly little ‘watering hole’ serves cocktails and has an interesting wine list and a comfortable small performance space down stairs.

A show based on Tarot! Mysterious? Edgy? Risky? Do not let any trepidation about the possibility of being put on the spot hold you back from this is truly engaging, masterfully managed and fun evening.

As the storyteller/convener/tarot reader Davey Seagle is gentle with his audience. He carried off his first Melbourne show with agreeable aplomb, good humour and authority.  Seagle introduced himself with the telling of an ancient Viking Myth involving Odin. With violent and power-hungry Gods evoked - what followed, more than once, had the flavour of ‘Crown of Thorns.’ Seagle has an enchanting and potentially disarming presence, the demeanour of a storyteller and a mellow flexible voice. Almost immediately it appeared that all audience members were swept up in the fluid, ever moving, story set up with the help of participants channelled input through their choice of tarot cards. 

It was great fun checking in with other participants to make decisions about the trajectory of the evening.  At one point we were caught up in a self-destructing cult but, with some quick magic thinking, portals were opening and there were escapes to be found.  Relief!  As audience we left the performance space very appreciative of our time together.

Seagle’s choice of card pack is very fine. Possibly there is some slight-of-hand – (well maybe initially, some guided choices).  The whole is underscored with fairly innocuous pre-recorded music that is at times tweaked by Seagle to modify or enhance emotion.

A great prospect for  groups who know each other and can bounce off each-other’s ideas – take some friends.  I went on my own and was soon happily swept up into the throng.

Highly recommended.

Suzanne Sandow

Photographer: Aaron Cornelius.


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