Tinserella - Putting The G’day in Cabaret

Tinserella - Putting The G’day in Cabaret
Written and performed by Joana Simmons. Melbourne Fringe Festival, The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place. 29 September – 4 October.

The sensational performer Joana Simmons proves there can never be too much g’day in cabaret. Simmons reinvigorates this traditional art form with a wonderfully playful and provocative celebration of Australiana. The energy and physicality of the show will astound you and sweep you away. The audience participation is expertly timed and engaging without being confronting. Her take on some staunch Aussie stereotypes will have you in stitches, and she makes expressions such as ‘grouse mate’ seem like music to your ears.

The collection of characters is wide ranging; a tecchie, a tapper, a dancer, a hipster all feature in this eclectic collection of bizarre, fun-loving characters. Simmons employs extremely dynamic movement and facial expressions to bring these varying personas to life in ways that you would not expect. Her combination of verbal and visual puns is original and she fills the entire theatrical space with her forceful presence.

Tinserella was among my favorite characters; artfully demonstrating her enormous powers of ‘stagecraft’ and always living up to the promise of creating magical moments. Simmons marries acrobatics, dance, mime and stylised movement in a powerhouse performance all accompanied by a mix of 80s pop essentials and original compositions. This is a marvellous example of rough and ready theatre that makes the Fringe Festival the raw and rare experience that it should be.

Patricia Di Risio

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