Written and directed by Bron Batten. Fringe World. The Studio, The Blue Room, James St, Perth. Jan 17-25, 2020

Bron Batten’s one woman show Waterloo explores what happens when a green voting, almost vegan theatre practitioner falls in love with a Tory voting, high ranked English soldier. How can Bron reconcile the relationship with her own beliefs and values?

A vibrant, pacy production with lots of surprises, Waterloo combines vulnerability, raw honesty and philosophical debate with explosions, group singing and audience participation, in a show that will have you both belly laughing and questioning your own beliefs. A warm, loveable but unpredictable performer, Bron embraces the audience and takes them on a journey with a tender love story, balloons, wine and paint-ball.

Probably the best use of props in Fringe World, Waterloo is not for the faint-hearted, and comes with a lot of trigger warnings - perhaps the most important being that you shouldn’t see this if you don’t like loud noises.

Fun, fresh, fantastic and totally Fringe, this very clever show will touch your heart.

Kimberley Shaw

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