Mentally Sound

Mentally Sound

Image: Gundagai Public School hosted Cristian and Mark from the Backflips Against Bullying

Samwise Holmes from Action Education explains how one-hour shows help high school and primary school students navigate bullying and mental health.  

When we launched Backflips Against Bullying at the beginning of 2019, in New South Wales, it exploded with popularity, and we were completely floored.

It became very clear that educators around the country understood the value of engaging the students and knew that parkour and stunts is a fantastic way to achieve this.

The program was such a hit, that despite being shut down for half of 2020 we were able to bounce back to launch teams in Queensland and Victoria, running six teams of acrobats concurrently from 2021 across the three states.

We’re excited to continue spreading this much-needed message across Australian schools.



Building on this, Action Education has introduced a new  offering: Mentally Sound, a dynamic mental health program tailored for ages 11-17. The hour-long performances are not mere spectacles; they are interactive concerts that explore critical mental health topics.   


The program features three talented vocalists who, alongside singing, engage students in discussions about each topic, transcending the limitations of a traditional lecture.

Mentally Sound (pictured above) opens with a captivating number, setting the stage for performers to share personal struggles in interactive discussions.

Addressing topics such as Self-Esteem, Anxiety, Body Image, Depression, and Suicide, the program invites students to actively participate in their own learning journey. This approach, coupled with an evidence-based foundation, ensures that information is not only engaging but also accurate and grounded in the latest research.
Far from a typical musical performance, Mentally Sound is a thought-provoking exploration infused with comedy, an original pop/rock score, and poignant messages.

The performers, recognized as some of the country's most talented vocalists, understand their influence as role models for students.
Students, viewing the performers with admiration, establish a unique connection that allows for a deeper understanding of mental health topics.

Supported by Australian psychologist Evelyn M Field OEM FAPS, Mentally Sound takes on an evidence-based approach to ensure that the information imparted is accurate, reliable, and aligned with the latest research findings.
In the symphony of education, the balanced harmony of student engagement and evidence-based research forms a melody that resonates long after the curtain falls.