NIDA Creative Schools Programs

NIDA Creative Schools Programs

The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) offers performing arts educational activities to support learning for both school students and schoolteachers. This includes specialist training, access to industry professionals, guest artists and resources.

Reflective of NIDA’s world-renowned approach to education and training, developed over 60 years, the programs are carefully designed to provide engaging skills development to enhance the early childhood, primary and secondary syllabuses.

NIDA’s customised workshops are available for preschool, primary and secondary school students. The workshops integrate creativity into student learning.

The program is based on a collaborative approach that recognises the expertise of schoolteachers in creating programs that best meet the needs of their school community.

Customised courses can take place at NIDA (in Sydney or Melbourne) or onsite at a school. Learning opportunities can range in length from a one hour visit to artist in residence programs lasting up to a year.

Working in collaboration with classroom teachers, NIDA customises the workshops to address state curriculums. The program is ideal for schools looking to access specialist skills in performance styles, rehearse scenes from a prescribed text, develop practical skills in devised performance or use drama as pedagogy to enhance literacy outcomes.

NIDA also works with schools to seek creative ways to inspire creative thinking and problem solving, develop group cohesion and improve leadership skills.

For more information or to discuss creative learning programs for school students, go to or call 1300 450 417.

NIDA is a registered provider of the Creative Kids Voucher program in NSW. NIDA operates to COVID-safe standards across all programs.

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