Training Up in Tech

Training Up in Tech

Does your school or community group have students or volunteers who are interested in working backstage?

Outlook, one of Victoria’s leading audio and full production companies, is putting out the welcome mat. 

Outlook is offering an opportunity for students, who don’t want to be on stage, to train alongside some of Melbourne’s best radio mic technicians or be mentored in mixing sound front of house.

Outlook is one of the only companies that allows such involvement.

“All staff who work directly with students have current Working With Children Checks which provide teachers and parents that added level of security,” said company owner Jack Jones. 

“Whether it’s from day one of rehearsals or just before production week, working with an Outlook experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Outlook also offers work experience for those students who are looking at production once they have finished school.

Jack Jones’ love of theatre began in 2010 at his high school.

Outlook was the sound supplier for all the Junior and Middle School productions, as well as other major school events.

His first production working alongside Outlook and its founder Greg Ginger was Carey Baptist Grammar School’s Middle School production of Oliver! in 2010. From then on, Jack was hooked.

“Ï was the first student to mix a musical at Carey in 2015, which was Crazy For You. After I left school, and with the encouragement of the whole school’s Theatre and Music Department, I went on to study at the Victorian College of the Arts and worked part-time at Outlook.”

His passion continued throughout Covid, when he took the massive step to purchase Outlook.

Jack isn’t the only staff member who came from Outlook’s School’s Program. Over 30 percent of Outlook staff were students at schools or community theatre groups that have hired the company’s services.

“So, giving your students that one opportunity that they wouldn’t get elsewhere could change their lives forever. And isn’t that what education is meant to be about? Teach them something that they can’t get elsewhere?

“Have you got an upcoming production? Lock us in now to support your students to the full potential.”

Outlook Communications 

(A division of The Big Production Group Pty Ltd)

29 Reserve Street

Preston 3072

Phone: 03 9495 1755

Mobile: 0431 818 620