In the Arms of Morpheus for Fringe World 2022

In the Arms of Morpheus for Fringe World 2022

In the Arms of Morpheus, ARC Circus's newest work, will be performed as part of Perth’s Fringe World festival in January / February 2022.

In the Arms of Morpheus is directed and performed by Robbie Curtis who has worked extensively internationally for the last 15 years with Cirque Du Soleil, Australian Ballet, Circa, Circus Oz, Legs on the Wall and more. It has been supported by Cluster Arts, City of Gold Coast, Home of the Arts, Aerial Angels and Kotb.

In the Arms of Morpheus is described as “a celebration of virtuosic and dynamic physicality, comedy, magic and narrative. The story is a response to our collective wobbles navigating the last 18 months, particularly our obsession with the news, devices and biceps. To be in the arms of Morpheus is to fall into a deep dream.”

"Robbie Curtis not only solidifies himself as a performer to watch, he pushes the boundaries of storytelling in contemporary circus.” - Nothing Ever Happens In Brisbane.

At: The Gold Digger at Girls School, East Perth

On: January 28 to February 13, 2022

Presented by: Cluster Arts Pty Ltd

"Cluster Arts is a global conduit for Australian artists in circus and physical theatre. We boldly seek opportunities to empower, advocate and elevate artists to make work in a financially stable way. We unapologetically deliver the incredible value of the arts to society. 

"We humbly tell a big story."

Photographer: Katie Bennet.