Australian Theatre Live Becomes More Accessible

Australian Theatre Live Becomes More Accessible

Australian Theatre Live (ATL) has just launched a new subscription platform for digital theatre experiences, making Australian art more accessible to all.

With a growing content library of mainstage and independent theatre, opera, dance, acrobatics and music, Australian Theatre Live captures live performance for you to enjoy on your schedule.

Their fast-growing digital library is designed with everyone in mind, including:

- Regional viewers, unable to travel into the city to engage with live theatre due to geographical or economic barriers

- Immunocompromised viewers, impacted by the ongoing risk of COVID-19

- Interstate and international viewers, eager to connect with the wider Australian arts community

- Students and educators, seeking access to syllabus texts and world class performances

- Hard of hearing viewers and members of the d/Deaf community

- Viewers living with a disability (around 4.3 million Australians) and those who face physical barriers to accessing theatre

- Viewers looking for affordable alternatives to support their favourite theatre companies

- Archivists and researchers with an interest in Australian theatre heritage

- Viewers who want to watch and re-watch the best of Australian live entertainment.



Australian Theatre Live’s catalogue includes theatrical experiences from Sydney Theatre Company, Griffin Theatre Company, the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, Sydney Festival, Kings Cross Theatre, the Old Fitz and more, with new additions to look forward to monthly.

“People often have this perception that recorded theatre is not as enjoyable as the live thing. However, due to the beautiful camera angles and crisp sound quality, our films offer a level of intimacy beyond that of the usual audience member’s experience. Watching an Australian Theatre Live film is like watching a play from on the stage” – Grant Dodwell, Creative Director Australian Theatre Live

Cost: $7.99 per month or $74.99 per year, with your first week free.