Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis


Stand-up master of hiliarious UNpolitical correctness ‘JNewtz’ heads back to Australia in April for the International Melbourne Comedy Festival to unleash his first solo show ‘Identity Crisis’

Considered a master of UNpolitical correctness and a jack of all comedy trades, JNewtz has forged an enviable reputation with audiences across the world for his refreshingly hilarious honest, practical and sometimes inappropriate, view points on life.

Described by promoters as "A brilliant comedian who consistently creates superbly funny on-point content about the absurdities of wokeism, he is back in Australia in April as part of the International Melbourne Comedy Festival with his highly anticipated first solo show, ‘Identity Crisis’."

Aptly capturing his comical yet highly relatable struggles to fit into the world’s increasingly woke society, JNewtz explores why his life has been one on-going identity crisis. In his first ever solo standup show the social misfit reveals all in this hilarious look into his life; past and present.

“Identity crisis might be a newish term, however it’s not a new thing. You can call it whatever you like but we all go through an identity crisis at some point in our life: mid-life crisis, imposter syndrome, anxiety, questioning your purpose or passion, low self-esteem, feeling like a misfit, not quite knowing how to work next to someone who identifies as a carrot, etc,” JNewtz said.

“Identity crisis is real, it’s common and it’s time we started talking about it and having some fun with it.   Because that’s how we all cope with life isn’t, we crack a joke and have a good laugh about things.  Well, at least that’s how I do things!”

JNewtz is a bold and talented performer who embraces all his life experiences, good and bad, and wraps them up into a package of modern eclectic style and energetic attitude sprinkled with a ton of dark humour that will have you rolling around in side-splitting pain from laughter.   He pokes fun at life and helps us cope with the ridiculousness of some of the things we have to deal with.  

Call it what you will – but his show is really just one big therapy session designed to help us keep getting up in the morning. 

“On a serious note, I’ve struggled to fit in for four decades and in many ways I think that most of us experience something similar,” he said.

“Life is all about laughing; laughing at ourselves. Sometimes it’s light-hearted and other times it’s dark. I’ve learned that the more you can laugh about the darkness, the lighter our lives become.”

JNewtz doesn’t conform to social norms, how a male should dress or act and loves all things inappropriate.  He’s a talent of immense magnitude who lights up every stage with his incredible and insightful humour.  Be prepared for a show like no other.  

About JNewtz

After six years of performing at the MICF, MFF, the 2020 Adelaide Fringe Festival and the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, JNewtz embarks upon his first ever solo show and exposes his most intimate stories yet - from his struggles at school to life into adulthood where he realised that adults are just kids in disguise and high school never ends! (‘school-ground bullying’ is played as adults within the limits of what HR ‘can’t do’ about it, “I’m telling on you” is replaced with “I’ll sue you” and life is still about how popular and successful you are)


JNewtz’s ‘Identity Crisis’ is being held at Club Voltaire, in North Melbourne:


Time:     9.30pm – 10.30pm

Dates:    5, 6, 12, 13 April 2024

Venue:   Club Voltaire, 1st Floor/14 Raglan St, North Melbourne, VIC, 3051