How Stage Whispers Can Help You Sell Tickets


Stage Whispers offers a wide variety of ways to target audiences online, both national and local.

More than 2 million sets of eyeballs see Stage Whispers website, e-newsletters and social media pages every year (see below).

We receive in excess of 60,000 unique visitors a month at with more than 28,000 social media followers across Facebook and Twitter..

Our Online Specials include:

Whole of website banner advertisement - at the very top of every page - $390 per week - or $990 a month (spec: 728x90 - no Larger than 90k).

Second top Home Page banner advertisement - at the top of our Home Page only, below the top banner, above News and Reviews - $660 a month (spec: 620 x 100 - no larger than 75k).

Side Banner - Home Page & Rotating. Banners appear on the right-hand side of our Home Page and rotate though individual articles including News, Reviews, Community Theatre, On Stage and Galleries. Cost $270 a month.





Side Banner - Directories & Rotating - Banner ad appears on right-hand side of two Directory sections of your choice and is rotated through individual articles including News, Reviews, Community Theatre, On Stage and Galleries. Cost $99 a month. Minimum run three months.

The specs for all side banner ads are 300 x 100. No larger than 60k.

All banners must be Responsive HTML5 or an animated GIF.


Our regular E-newsletter is published early each month and goes to 3000 + recipients. E-Newsletters are also promoted with paid boosts on or social media.

• A featured article in our regular monthly E-Newsletter costs $330.

• We will also publish special sponsored E-Newsletters at a cost of $880 (Facebook boost included) 




12cm by 9cm Print Ad in our What’s On Directory of our print magazine.

Plus Featured Show Listing for up to 2 months on the front page of

$250 +GST.


Special Banner Bundles

Take out any banner ad and receive a bonus article on our website in News and Features or Stage Briefs.

Here are links to some recent examples:

Our popular Facebook Page has now received more than 23,000 followers, with popular individual posts frequently reaching more than 10,000 people.

Special Social Media, YouTube and Print Package Offers:

• Spend more than $400 on web ads and your article in our News and Features or Stage Briefs section will receive a complimentary paid boost in the city of your choice.

• Spend more than $600 and also receive a free What's On ad in the print edition of Stage Whispers.

• Spend more than $900 on web ads and receive an episode of Stage Whispers TV subject to availability of a crew.

Here are our 2022 web statistics.

For print advertising please click HERE for our rate sheet

For more information contact or call Angela on 03 97584522.