WICKED - special effects props / set pieces


For Hire -
WICKED special effects props / set pieces
- anti gravity device that helps Elphaba defy gravity (without the need of a fly tower) and allows Glinda to 'come and go by bubble'(with lights and bubble machines) fully certified with engineers certificate.
- giant wizard head (moving mouth and lights)
- limousine for Fiyero (motorised vehicle)
- Nessarose's magic wheelchair (motorized)
- Nessarose's governor's wheelchair
- Ozmobile and Ozscooter (motorized vehicles) to zoom around the Emerald City
- Wardrobe with 2 way mirror
- levitating broom
- flaming torches for witch hunters
- animatronic lion cub
- Dr Dillamond's blackboard (2 sided)

Hire package includes items listed above, transport ex-Canberra, comprehensive training for cast & crew for all items, bump-in and bump-out.
Catalogue of all items including dimensions, photos and videos available by request.

WICKED - special effects props / set pieces

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contact - Susie Walsh

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