An American In Paris

Music: George Gershwin. Lyrics: Ira Gershwin. Book: Craig Lucas. GWB Entertainment & The Australian Ballet. Director & Choreographer: Christopher Wheeldon. Musical Director: Vanessa Scammell. Lyric Theatre, QPAC. 17-30 January 2022

How do you turn a seven Academy Award-winner musical movie, with a paper-thin plot, into a dazzling show-stopping stage musical? The answer is currently on stage at the Lyric Theatre, where Christopher Wheeldon, and his partner in crime, set and costume designer Bob Crowley, have produced the most delightful homage to the original 1951 MGM musical.

Time Capsule

Written and directed by Megan Rundle. Runaway Balloon / Fringe World. Subiaco Arts Centre, WA. January 25-29, 2022

Runaway Balloon’s first musical is a World Premiere production that keeps its audience laughing throughout. Funny and relatable, it features well-performed pop-rock music and a strong cast. 

Everyone is invited to Dunaneen High School’s ten-year reunion, and the class of 2012 are invited back for sausage rolls, free drinks, and the chance to see how much everyone has changed in ten years. The trouble is, that for Bridget, nothing has changed, so she decides to stretch the truth a little…

The Museum of Modern Love

Adapted by Tom Holloway from the novel by Heather Rose. Seymour Centre / Sydney Festival. January 22 – 30, 2022

This adaptation of Heather Rose’s celebrated novel begins in the atrium of New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Performance artist Marina Abramovic is staging her legendary 2010 feat of sitting silently staring at museum visitors for 75 days. 

Throughout the play, we never see Abramovic (real or otherwise), but constantly projected behind Stephen Curtis’ stark museum space are her visitors, each taking their turn to stare back at her (and us).


By Hannah Davidson, Rebecca Fingher, Sian Murphy and Charlotte Otton. Fringe World. Directed by Charlotte Otton. Rehearsal Room One, State Theatre Centre of WA, Perth, WA. Jan 24-29, 2022

Hannah, Rebecca and Sian are desperate to be famous and will do anything to get there. In a wild ride of scenes, the trio explore a myriad of ways to get famous, in one of the most frantic, fast-paced shows in Fringe World.

Playing in Rehearsal Room One at the State Theatre Centre as part of State of Play, Allstars is a slightly mad, frenetic, and funny little show as this trio of very likeable performers attempt to impress their agent and rise to the heights of fame. Perhaps best described as linked sketch comedy, we travel to some unusual places in this wild ride.

The Dirty Mother

By Michelle Hall. Fringe World. Directed by Alexa Taylor and Danielle Cresp. Rehearsal Room 1, State Theatre Centre of WA, Perth WA. Jan 24-29, 2021

Audiences entering the Rehearsal Room at the State Theatre Centre are greeted with a pink pram on the stage and the statement from Cyril Connolly: “There is no more sombre enemy of good art than the pram in the hall.” The pram is pushed to the side and left there by Stage Manager Catherine O’Donoghue, a subtle reminder, as solo performer Michelle Hall proves this statement wrong, with this highly entertaining, very moving production.

Hello, Asteroid

By Hamish Pickering. Fringe World. Directed by Jefferson Nguyen. The Studio, Subiaco Arts Centre, WA. Jan 19-22, 2022

Hello, Asteroid is an apocalyptic one-man show written and performed by Hamish Pickering. A likeable and charming performer, Hamish works his audience well, with some songs that are very hummable and nicely performed.

28 Grams

Written and directed by Ella Randle. Fringe World. Hayman Theatre, Curtin University, WA. Jan 20-30, 2022

Presented by Ella Randle as part of the Hayman Theatre Season for Fringe World, 28 Grams is a one woman show that deals with a multitude of issues - most notably with living with an eating disorder.

Compellingly written and well directed by Ella Randle, this hour-long play features Grace, a young person who hates her cafe job, enjoys some casual drug use, hangs out with her friends and tries to find her place in the world. In a life that feels somewhat out of her control, she finds herself becoming addicted to controlling her weight.

The Big Shot

Fringe World. The Actors Hub, Kensington St., East Perth, WA. Jan 21-28, 2022

The Big Shot is presented as part of the Actors Hub’s Naughty Nights at Nine series for Fringe World. Playing at 9pm on Friday and Saturday nights Naughty Nights at Nine plays after the 4x4x4 Season offering and is a great chance for patrons to catch a second show in the same venue. The 9pm shows are a little more unpredictable than the 7pm shows and include “Who Dunnit?”  Murder Mysteries on the Friday nights.

Elliot’s Big Nose and the Snot that it Grows

By Elise Wilson. Fringe World. Directed by Christopher Moro. Rehearsal Room 1, State Theatre Centre of WA, Perth WA. Jan 24-29, 2022

Elliot’s Big Nose and the Snot that it Grows is both gross and gorgeous, a little treasure of a show for kids, presented by Elise Wilson and Christopher Moro, as part of State of Play for Fringe World. A wonderful blend of puppetry and live action, it keeps its young audience engaged and giggling throughout.

Touching the Void

Based on the book by Joe Simpson. Adapted by David Greig. Melbourne Theatre Company. Southbank Theatre, The Sumner. 17 January – 19 February 2022

Touching the Void is an amazing true story, set in the Peruvian Andes. It has been a book, a successful documentary film and now the theatre play we see here.

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