By Joanne Murray-Smith. wit incorporated (VIC). Bluestone Church Art Space. Director: Sarah Clarke. Designers: Jennifer Piper & Chad O'Brien. March 9 - 24, 2018

Bombshells presents six vignettes showcasing a range of talents from two of the performers from wit incorporated.

Vignettes is undoubtedly a more appropriate word than monologues. These are slice-of-life stories, incorporating speech, song, and dance.

Bombshells opens with Belinda Campbell's hurried, hectic, harried monologue as an absurdly anxious woman struggling to meet the demands of being a mum today.

The closing vignette is altogether different: Jennifer Piper is the touring American cabaret singer, Zoe Struthers. Starting with ‘The Lady is Back,' Struthers sings and talks to the audience about her battles with substance abuse.

With Campbell's opening monologue, I was lost. It was so idiosyncratic, I couldn't see how Piper would fit into the show. Of course, I soon realised the vignettes stand alone.

The vignette I found most interesting was Belinda Campbell's performance as the widow, Winsom Webster. Partway through, however, I got lulled into dullness. My attention wandered. But when I discovered we were watching a woman in her 60s who no longer felt sexy recount a casual sexual encounter, I was mesmerised.

wit already has a strong fanbase, and deservedly so. It gives audiences a chance to watch talented performances with strong female characters tackling taboos while also delighting in distractions.

Daniel G. Taylor


Daniel G. Taylor has written for Stage Whispers since 1994 andlives in Elwood, Victoria, where he works as a mental health copywriter. Learn more at

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