2022 Maksim Oceania Tour

2022 Maksim Oceania Tour

He is back! The world-renowned Cross-over pianist Maksim is returning to Australia after 3 years!

After 3 years of waiting, the first post-epidemic world tour project comes to Oceania. The ground-breaking Maksim is recognised as the world’s biggest-selling crossover pianist, having sold over 4 million copies of his albums throughout 57 countries, and is returning to Australia and New Zealand this September.

Despite once living in a difficult wartime, Maksim continually persists in his music career and has become one of the top pianists in the world. He is known worldwide for his classic 'Flight of the Bumblebee', ‘Croatian Rhapsody’, and ‘Mission impossible’ and has experimented with the fusion of musical styles. He has won numerous awards including the MTV music award for the best debutant of the year in Asia.

This September, '2022 Maksim Oceania Tour’ will be touring five metro cities - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland. With the dazzling audio-visual stage effect, Maksim will bring the best music and the most comprehensive exposure channel to you!

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