The Dreamer by ARC Circus at Fringe World

The Dreamer by ARC Circus at Fringe World

The Dreamer, a dynamic new solo circus performance, choreographed by acrobat and dancer Robbie Curtis (Arc Circus Co., Cirque du Soleil, Circa, Circus Oz, Australian Ballet) which premiered to a sold-out season at Underground Festival at HOTA on the Gold Coast, will be at the Perth's Fringe World Festival from January 30 to February 4, 2024.

Appropriate for all ages, The Dreamer is a kaleidoscope of circus, illusion, magic, physical comedy and dance. The Dreamer is inspired by a Charlie Chaplin aesthetic and is full of physical wonderment and magic.

In this dreamland anything and everything is possible. Our dreamer swings from the chandelier, is seduced by a broom, becomes a sporting star, and gets caught on the high seas - everything is magic, which is delightful, and at times terrifying.
Is it a dream or is it the madness of insomnia... or maybe both?

Time to wake up yet?

Robbie Curtis, an Australian performer and choreographer renowned for his innovative fusion of dance and circus, brings his 15+ years of experience with internationally acclaimed companies like Cirque du Soleil, Circa and Circus Oz to the forefront of this production.

Arc Circus Co., founded in 2020 by Robbie Curtis & Lizzie McRae, aims to deliver the highest level of performances that combine elements of circus, dance, and theatre. Their productions are emotionally engaging, risk-taking, aesthetically beautiful, and accessible to all audiences.

The Gold Digger, The Pleasure Garden Russell Square, James St, Northbridge

30-31st Jan, 1-4 Feb 2024 at 18.30pm