You & Me at Fringe World

You & Me at Fringe World

You & Me is a domestic drama and a psychological thriller by Dan Rebellato. The radio playperformed live, plays at Ace’s Cabaret, Dress Circle Bar, His Majesty’s Theatre from Monday, January 31 to Saturday, February 5 as part of Perth’s Fringe World.

A young woman unexpectedly comes to meet her husband after work. She says she just fancied a date night together, but in fact she has something important to ask him...

Set in a recording studio, the actors are recording a new play but decide they want to swap roles - they are bored with playing familiar roles.

As the story unfolds, the role reversals challenge preconceptions and offer a subtle, sometimes funny, always provocative approach to a well-known, cliché-ridden issue.

Though inspired by #metoo, this isn’t a story about men in positions of power, it’s a story about you and me, about ordinary people and everyday sexism.

British dramatist Dan Rebellato has written extensively for BBC Radio 3 and 4. He is also Professor of Contemporary Theatre at Royal Holloway London.

Dan said, “Like most people, I was very moved by the #MeToo movement and the waves of revelations about exploitative and predatory behaviour carried out by men in the worlds of arts and politics. But I was looking for a form that would give the play a particular way into thinking about the issue.”

Lit Live producer Sarah McNeill said: “As soon as I heard this play I knew it was one for our #MeToo and #TimesUp moment. It is a time for honesty, debate and active support for the woman brave enough to speak up. But it is also a time for empathy, and in this play of cross-casting, it has a genuinely provocative and challenging effect that will trip the listener up at certain moments.”

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