Adelaide Fringe 2023

Adelaide Fringe 2023

Image: SILENCE! Photographer: Veronique Balege

The 2023 Adelaide Fringe festival runs from February 17 to March 19.

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The Gov Sunday Sessions

Ari Arari

The 60 Four

Everything’s Coming Up Roses - Tania Lacy

They Came From Uranus

• Best of International Comedy

• Oscar Winning Improv - Changing Jennifers

• Bourgeois and Maurice: Pleasure Seekers

The Party - Strut & Fret

Nickyboy & Queen Fee: Fiona O’Loughlin

Where to From Here

• Dracula, the Last Voyage of the Demeter

The Whitney Houston Story

Watson: The Final Problem

Image: See You. CHEN Chang-chih

See You


The Marvellous Elephant Man: The Musical

Image: The Gods, The Gods, The Gods

The Gods, The Gods, The Gods

Sandi Mac Full Circle

A Star is Torn

Image: You Ready For This?

You Ready For This?

I Know The End

Back Beat 60 Presents 'The Beat Goes On'

Image: Orpheus


A Curious Thing

Delphi Goes Bassoning - A Tiny Musical

Image: Nancy Wake- The White Mouse

Nancy Wake - The White Mouse

• DOMINANCE and Submission

Image: Mansion


Maho Magic Bar

An Andrews Sisters Tribute

Image: Adults Only Magic Show.

Adults Only Magic Show

Leather Lungs: Higher Love

Broadway Diva

Image: Tutti's Big Fringe Singalong

Tutti's Big Fringe Singalong

• SunSLAY Drag Cabaret

Dark Side of Parkside

Image: Booze & The Bard.

•. Booze & The Bard: The Shakespearean Drinking Game 


Done to Death, by Jove